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Welcome to #ABpodcasts hosted by Anas Bukhash, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and speakers in the UAE. In this channel, you will listen to #ABtalks, a YouTube interview show showcasing the 'raw' side of celebrities, achievers and influencers from across the world, Anas's lectures about success and entrepreneurship, and his thoughts on a variety of topics, ranging from social issues to human behaviours and relationships.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #ABtalks with Mona Kattan – مع منى قطان | Chapter 21

    Mona Kattan is an Iraqi-American entrepreneur and businesswoman who also runs Huda Beauty, a global cosmetics line along with her sister, Huda Kattan. Not many have known the ‘real’ Mona outside the world of beauty and business…until this interview. Mona herself admits to being codependent and living in her sister’s ...


  2. #ABtalks with Tara Emad - مع تارا عماد | Chapter 20

    Tara Emad is an Egyptian actress and model, but who is she off-stage and behind the big screen? There is more to Tara than meets the eye, and in this interview, Anas uncovers a brave human being rising above her inner voice to find self-love. Tara opens up about body ...


  3. #ABtalks with Omar Farooq - مع عمر فاروق | Chapter 19

    عمر فاروق مخرج سينمائي بحريني ويعد من أهم منشئي المحتوى على اليوتيوب في الشرق الأوسط. ونجد أنس في هذه المقابلة يتعمّق في عفوية عمر وطبيعته الملهمة. ما الذي يدفعه لإحداث التغيير في حياته ؟ ولماذا 'تجربة الحياة' مهمة له للغاية؟ يصف لنا عمر تجربته وكيف استطاع القيام بالأشياء بطريقة مختلفة ...


  4. #ABtalks with Maisa - مع ميسا | Chapter 18

    Maisa da Silva Andrade is a Brazilian television host and actress. Maisa is well known for hosting the children’s TV show Bom Dia & Cia when she was just 6 years old. In this interview, Anas has a conversation with this charismatic and confident teenager to learn more about her ...


  5. #ABtalks with Dany Neville - مع داني نيفيل | Chapter 17

    Adnan, or Dany as he’s commonly known, is an award-winning DJ and music producer. Anas and Dany’s longstanding friendship echoes throughout this interview as Dany talks about his life in probably the most genuine and raw conversation yet on #ABtalks. This interview was also filmed just less than 2 weeks ...