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Welcome to #ABpodcasts hosted by Anas Bukhash, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and speakers in the UAE. In this channel, you will listen to #ABtalks, a YouTube interview show showcasing the 'raw' side of celebrities, achievers and influencers from across the world, Anas's lectures about success and entrepreneurship, and his thoughts on a variety of topics, ranging from social issues to human behaviours and relationships.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #ABtalks​ with Atif Aslam - مع عاطف اسلم | Chapter 57

    Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer, with songs such as Wo Lamhe, Pehli Nazar Mein and O Saathi being some of his greatest hits in Bollywood. In this interview, Atif shares stories of his childhood, he talks about how he balances fame with his personal life, his views on romance ...


  2. #ABtalks with Ali Adnan - مع علي عدنان | Chapter 56

    علي عدنان هو لاعب المنتخب العراقي لكرة القدم وهو أول لاعب عراقي يلعب في الدوري الإيطالي. في هذه الحلقة، نتعرف على علي وعلى حياته المليئة بالأحداث والمواقف التي حثته على تحقيق أحلامه وتمثيل بلاده العراق. ...


  3. #ABtalks with Nora Fatehi - مع نورة فتحي | Chapter 55

    Nora Fatehi is a dancer, film actress, and singer who is well known in Bollywood for movies such as Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans and Satyamev Jayate, in which she was seen in the recreated version of the song Dilbar. On #ABtalks, Nora takes us back to her past, hidden ...


  4. #ABtalks​ with Fayez Alsaeed - مع فايز السعيد | Chapter 54

    فايز السعيد هو مغني وملحن إماراتي معروف في تطويره لمجال الفن في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة ومشهور بألحانه وأغانيه مثل 'كارثة والشرطة وينسى.’ في هذه الحلقة يخبرنا سفير الألحان عن قصص حياته المشوقة التي شكلت شخصيته وجعلته يغني لجمهور كبير ويلحن لأبرز الأسماء. ...


  5. #ABtalks​ with Adut Akech Bior - مع أدوت أكش بيور | Chapter 53

    Adut Akech Bior is a South Sudanese-Australian supermodel well-known in the fashion industry since her initial breakthrough with French fashion house, Saint Laurent. On #ABtalks, Adut shares her experiences in fleeing the South Sudanese war as a refugee, making history as the second African woman to close the Chanel Haute ...